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Sculpt your core like Ryan Lochte with the workout training video you can do at home.

  • The video stars Ryan Lochte, eleven-time Olympic Medalist and his trainer Matt DeLancey.
  • Hard-CORE focuses on strengthening the core, an important part of a swimmer's body.
  • Lochte felt it was necessary to strengthen the core and allow the rest of the body to follow.
  • Every exercise in Hard-CORE allows you to achieve your desired physique.
  • You can do the workouts in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • No weights to buy.
  • "If you keep doing this, you are going to have abs of steel." - Lochte.

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low budget & disappointing by Swim Mom from Texas on 12/27/2012

I bought this for my 14 year old son for Christmas, and we were both quite disappointed. Lochte lead the warm-ups and then walked around with his trainer while three or four other people performed the exercises. He demonstrated; they did the reps. Sometimes he jumped in. Although there was a repetition counter on the screen, no one counted so we had to keep looking up at the screen ... which meant that we were changing the posture of the exercise. There was no verbal cue to switch from one side to the other and the reps changed from 10 to 12 to ? so I did 12 on one leg and then discovered I was supposed to do 10 and then switch to the other leg but there was no time to change over to the other side and they never called the switch. It was way too easy for my son and wasn't even much of a challenge to me (a non athlete just trying to work of the Christmas cookies). It was all quite awkward and low budget. Hopefully, I can send this back. We really admire his accomplishments, but this video just didn't work for us.

Amateurish, Missed Opportunity by Tami D. from Columbia, MO on 1/10/2013

Wasted the chance to motivate people with a great workout with an Olympian. There is no logic to the design of the DVD. All intro information should be up front and then the Warm Up and Work Out Menu should be consecutive so that you don't have to skip through all of that each time you want to go to work out. The Warm up is very lame; no leg stretching and a long time spent twirling your arms. The work outs don't use modern common sense in protecting the neck and back (in the crunches, etc....there is a lot of lunging forward). The viewer is left out of most of the work out...the focus is on the people in the DVD. With no one counting reps out loud, and only a silent counter on the screen, you cannot keep on track if you are on the floor actually working out. This needed much more planning and maybe with this feedback, a better version will come out.

Surprisingly Amateurish by Tami D. from Columbia, MO on 1/3/2013

I was so excited about this workout and expected really great ideas from an Olympian. Whoa! Huge disappointment. I agree with another reviewer on the poorly planned presentation and had the same problem with doing the exercises while no one counted out - how can you watch the screen while staying in the proper positions? I have been working out for several decades and R.L.'s trainer is definitely 'old school'. Had a real problem with the crunches and things that require you to lunge upward that puts way too much strain on the neck...something that we've learned over the years NOT to do. I also agree with another reviewer about the long time of the extended arm 'warm up'...having had rotator cuff surgery, I can tell you that this would be a great way to wind up having it yourself doing it over and over. I am taking a few things out of it that I like but overall, my own workout is much tougher and is more effective than this. Really couldn't believe the low quality. It isn't as if making work out DVD's is a new thing. Surely someone out there could have helped to include clear basics to make this useful.

ryan lochte hardcore workout DVD by cherrymac from nashville TN on 12/1/2012

This DVD is ok for folks not used to exercising. as a former personal trainer and elite athlete I found it a bit lacking in imagination. his trainer is very "old school". Ryan is nice to look at but doesnt have experience as a coach/trainer yet which is fine, he is still a competing athlete.
i did not like the warmup at all with the arms extended at shoulder height for long periods of time. this is very hard on the shoulder joint and not a good range of motion warmup.

Ridiculous by Matt from Great Barrington, MA on 11/16/2012

Lochte Hardcore.  Please.  This is nothing more than yoga and pilates.  
"If you keep doing this you are going to have abs of steel."  Don't be fooled by this crap.  This workout won't hurt but the only way you are going to get "abs of steel" is to up your cardio and most importantly be very strict with your diet.  Additionaly, genetically, we all have different layers of fat between our muscles and skin so you are limited to how much your abs will show no matter how strong they are.