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Rollers & Recovery

Injuries and preventing them can be a pain sometimes, but it doesn't have to be. We have a wide variety of items that can help you prevent injuries or treat existing ones. From massage balls for your feet, pressure point massages for your shoulders, and even rollers for your back, our selection of self-treatment gear has something for any kind of injury. Each massager is made with specialized materials to help you pin point your aches and pains. No matter the spot, we have massagers for almost every area on your body.

In addition to injury treatment, we offer items like anti-chafe products that help keep you pain-free while you’re exercising. These products are extremely easy to apply and last for long bouts of training. We recommend always keeping this near you if you're worried about any type of discomfort while exercising. Travel sizes are also available, so if you're on-the–go, you can take your anti-chafe or glide with you.

No matter what, we want you to be comfortable when you're out there being awesome, so take some extra time to give yourself some TLC with brands like Pro-Tec, Moji, BodyGlide, AeroMat, OS1st, and Trigger Point.

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