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To help expedite the process of properly outfitting your team and ensure that your swimmers get the suits they want, offers convenient sizing kits for competition and water polo from all the major brands. Please contact our Team Division for more information.


  1. We will ship the sizing kit for free!

  2. The customer will pay a deposit via credit card to be held until the kit is returned in its ORIGINAL condition. This means:

    a. Suits may not be taken into the water!
    b. Suits must be tried on over underwear!
    c. Suits must retain all original tags!
    d. Any missing suits will be charged to the customer at full price.

  3. Customers have 2 weeks to use the kit to size their team or organization. Suits not in original condition will be charged to the customer's credit card. Any kits not shipped back in the allotted time will have a 20% late fee deducted from the deposit. Don't forget to contact us for your free return label.

  4. The deposit will be credited back to the card once return has been confirmed.

Contact Us

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